Our Story

Why do we do what we do?

Tea For Eve came to fruition with the realization that some tea brands miss the mark for an all-around balance of taste, aroma, health benefit and visual appeal.  As a pregnant consumer, I was unable to find pregnancy and lactation teas that offered a pleasing flavor. This struggle was the beginning of my health conscious and eco-friendly company. Our line of teas expanded as women requested additional therapeutic teas, and our focus was secured.  We source organic and sustainable ingredients and use recycled food-grade American steel and 100% biodegradable plant-based materials for our packaging.  It’s gratifying to provide a cup of tea that strives to keep both the consumer and the environment healthy.

What do we hope to accomplish and how will we accomplish it?

We deliver high quality organic teas that not only taste great, but some have therapeutic properties. Not all of our teas are specific for women, men have discovered we have blends designed for all to enjoy. However, our main focus is on a woman’s life cycle and health issues. We take our product to the next level by sourcing ingredients responsibly. We do business with farms that grow organically and in such a way that the harvesting of those ingredients doesn't have a negative impact on the ecosystem. We are also proud to be making our teas in the USA. Through these measures we are building a brand in the tea industry that earns trust and devotion from our customers.

ORGANIC - Food grown and made without the use of artificial chemicals.


SUSTAINABILITY - For the conservation of the ecosystem, we source ingredients responsibly and from sustainable resources.


Eco-Friendly - Utilizing packaging that is recycled and biodegradable so that our product isn't placing a burden on the environment. 


MADE IN AMERICA - Our teas are crafted and packaged in the USA. The certified organic ingredients for our teas come from a variety of countries near and far as well as here in the USA! 

What makes us unique?

We collaborate with professionals (i.e. childbirth, aromatherapy, herbal medicine) to create our unique teas. Most of our tea categories offer two flavors which has been a real crowd pleaser with our customers. This is especially nice for therapeutic teas which must be drunk regularly to receive their therapeutic benefits. Our mushroom tea is a rare tea developed to provide immune support for cancer patients. Though cancer prevention and recovery were the catalyst for this blend, anyone looking for immune support will benefit from this tea. Other unique blends include wine-infused teas and a seasonal pumpkin tea filled with real pumpkin pieces that are infused with spiced rum & bourbon (all non-alcoholic).

What is our business structure and how do we empower women?

Tea For Eve is 100% woman owned. Looking to make our mark in the world of business, women entrepreneurs like myself inspire all to reach higher standards in performance. Companies, as well as consumers, increasingly prefer to buy from businesses that reflect their core values. Diversifying the world's supply chain to include women and minority-owned businesses is good for the global economy.

How do we reduce our carbon footprint?

As we try to make our mark in the tea industry as a health-conscience brand, we are also reminded that the health of our environment is just as important. Our cans are made from 100% recycled American food-grade steel. Our can labels are always paper, never plastic. Our individually wrapped tea sachets and their packaging are made from a 100% biodegradable plant-based material. Even the ink on the packaging is derived from a plant!

How do we give back to the community?

We are always welcoming new ways to give back to our community. Sometimes we do this by donating tea or lovingly made gift baskets for local auctions to raise funds for great causes. We donate our time to participate in health fairs and events where we get to educate people on the health benefits of tea. One cause that is near and dear to our heart is the ability to help in the fight against cancer in any way we can. Our Immune Support Tea was developed at the request of the courageous women battling breast cancer. We donate this tea free of charge to local cancer care centers and to other organizations offering support and resources to those affected by cancer.

To learn more about some of the organizations Tea For Eve helps to sponsor, please visit our "Giving Back" page.